Something for Kate – RSPCA Charity Auction


Something for Kate have donated some rare and collectible SFK items for an ebay auction to raise money for the animals in need at the RSPCA. The auction finished Thursday night, with fantastic results!

Something for Kate have donated some rare and collectible SFK items for an ebay auction to raise money for the animals in need at the RSPCA. The auction finished Thursday night, with fantastic results! Big thanks to all the folks who bidded in the auction – and congratulations and many thanks to the winning bidders, who have all been very generous in their support of this auction. The auction raised over $2,000 which will go directly to the RSPCA Auxiliary and used to help the animals at the RSPCA Yagoona Shelter; and also help with funding the Desexing Program.


1. PAUL DEMPSEY “MYTHOLOGY” DRAWING – sold for $710.00

This is a very rare, classic Paul Dempsey drawing, mounted in a black frame. Only 20 of these prints were ever made – they were given away at selected indie stores to promote Echolalia. This print is numbered 5 of 20.


This is a set of extremely limited Something for Kate guitar picks, each featuring specific artwork relating to tours and releases of the band. Made by an Adelaide company called Grover Allman, these were given to the band members as a personal momento for each tour and album release.

3. PRICK 7″ VINYL – AUTOGRAPHED – sold for $91.00

This is a very hard to find, limited edition 7″ vinyl of the ‘Prick’ single (the second single to be released from the album Elsewhere for 8 Minutes). This 7″ was released in 1997 by murmur records. The cover has been signed by all 3 members of SFK – Paul, Clint and Stephanie.

4. LIVE AT THE FALLS CD – sold for $315.00

‘Live at the Falls’ is a limited edition promo CD, recorded in 1997 by Triple J at the Falls Festival. This was limited to 1,000 copies only, as a giveaway for 2 x SFK gigs in 1998. Tracklisting: Prick / Sleep is Worth the Wait / Anarchitect / All the things that aren’t good about Scientology / Captain / Chapel St Etc / Pinstripe / Soundczech / Picard’s Lament / Harpoon.


Something for Kate’s latest album ‘The Official Fiction’ on limited edition 12″ Vinyl. This vinyl was released in 2003, and was limited to a run of 500 only. The cover has been signed by all 3 band members.

6. TOUR POSTER SET – sold for $131.00

This is a complete set of Something for Kate tour posters, along with a collection of SFK stickers. These posters were designed by the band and sold at their national tours over recent years – includes Mythology Tour, Echo-la-la-lia Tour, Singularity Tour, Deja Vu Tour and Non-Fiction Tour.

7. CD SINGLES SET (from ECHOLALIA) – sold for $118.50

A complete set of the 4 x cd singles released from the album Echolalia in 2001 / 2002. All of these singles are no longer available in stores and are very hard to find. The pack includes Monsters, Three Dimensions, Twenty Years and Say Something singles.

8. GEORGE KAPLAN & THE EDITORS T-SHIRT – sold for $51.00

This t-shirt was created for the secret gig Something for Kate played under the name “George Kaplan & The Editors” at the Prince of Wales in Jan 2004. These t-shirts were made in a strictly limited run and are very hard to come by.

The RSPCA NSW Auxiliary is the external fundraising arm of the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). The group comprises of volunteers who raise funds to promote the protection, comfort and welfare of animals and for much needed equipment and facilities at the RSPCA Yagoona shelter (in Sydney). The dedicated members fundraise via street stalls, raffles, fetes, food drives as well as holding functions in order to raise funds and promote the Society’s aims. They also distribute posters and information promoting the Discount Desexing Program they have established. Desexing your pets is crucial – especially cats. In the last year, the RSPCA received 13,580 cats in NSW alone. Over half of these cats (7,668) were kittens, illustrating how important it is for both male and female cats to be desexed to help prevent any more unwanted cats and kittens having to suffer.

The money raised from this auction will be used by the RSPCA NSW Auxiliary to contribute directly to the Desexing Program; as well as to special projects at the RSPCA to ensure the money is put to use for the direct benefit of the animals.

For more information on the RSPCA Auxiliary please visit their website at or email [email protected] They welcome membership enquiries from people with a genuine concern for animals and their welfare; and any donations are most appreciated – donations over $2.00 are tax deductible and you can donate via their website.