Something for Kate protest against KFC


Something for Kate have just completed a photoshoot for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The band have posed in a perspex box to highlight the lack of space and abusive treatment given to chickens on KFC farms. PETA have launched

Something for Kate have joined international animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in their campaign against KFC. The band have posed for a photoshoot in a perspex box to highlight the lack of space and abusive treatment given to chickens on KFC farms. Look out for the ad campaign directed at KFC and featuring Something for Kate in the coming months. Here’s some more info about the campaign against KFC:

In 1997, in response to a court verdict in the UK that held that McDonald’s is “culpably responsible” for egregious cruelty to animals that, according to the judge, would shock and horrify any kind person, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) launched a campaign focused on changing McDonald’s practices. Three years later, McDonald’s made changes that were completely unprecedented and which world-renowned (Australian) philosopher Peter Singer called the biggest changes for animals in 30 years.

While PETA was campaigning against McDonald’s, it began discussions with KFC, which agreed to hire all four of the people PETA recommended as animal welfare advisors. Things were looking good. However, after two years of talking, and no action or serious commitments at all to improve life for even one animal, PETA declared a campaign against KFC – a campaign that has, thus far, included more than 2,500 demonstrations and the support of celebrities including Pamela Anderson, Sir Paul McCartney, notable civil rights activists in the U.S., and ourselves.

Basically, KFC kills more than 750 million animals every year. The animals are bred and drugged so that they grow about six times as fast as they did just 50 years ago, so that they can barely walk and they often cripple and die. Their sheds stink of feces and urine and the chickens suffer from all kinds of diseases and lung problems. At slaughter, they have their throats sliced open while they’re still conscious. We’ve joined with PETA to try to convince KFC to make some changes (basic stuff, recommended by their own scientists), but KFC is refusing.

Undercover investigations from all over the world, including Australia, the UK, and the U.S., reveal the same thing horrific cruelty described by the Sunday Mirror, one of the biggest newspapers in the world as,Distressed and dying in a cramped shed: Nobody does chicken like KFC:

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