SFK’s Video Déjà Vu


It was a case of life imitating art with Something For Kate’s clip to their brand new single “Déjà vu”. The Melbourne-based band had to return to Brisbane to refilm the video after the initial shoot was ruined by a camera problem.

Something For Kate was forced to re-make the video to their new single “déjà vu” after a technical hitch with the camera ruined the first version of the shoot. The band had travelled from Melbourne to Brisbane for filming only to return a few days later to redo the clip.

“Perhaps we were tempting fate calling the song “Déjà vu” front man Paul Dempsey told Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph. “Videos are never our favourite thing in the world but we do get deeply involved in the concepts for them. We felt good about it and the shoot went really well and then after it was all done and I was back home, we get the call that there was a technical problem with the camera that was beyond anyone’s control. So we found ourselves back in Brisbane, re-shooting the clip. Of course there were plenty of jokes about having been here before but it was really odd.”

Something For Kate’s “Déjà vu” is in stores now. It’s the first track off the band’s forthcoming album “The Official Fiction” out on August 18.