Rock Against Howard


Rock Against Howard is a compilation of musicians who are downright sick of the Howard / Liberal / Coalition government and the evils they have perpetuated against our lovely country, and many other countries.

Something for Kate have contributed their track ‘Best Weapon’ to the ‘Rock Against Howard’ compilation. The album, which will be released on July 26th, has been put together by Lindsay McDougall from Frenzal Rhomb. Here’s some words about the compilation from Lindsay:

‘Rock Against Howard’ is a compilation of musicians who are downright sick of the Howard / Liberal / Coalition government and the evils they have perpetuated against our lovely country, and many other countries. These bands, rock bands, hip hop, dance, are all united in the need for a new government in Australia. The current government has been responsible for so many attacks on basic human rights: the rights of workers, the rights of Aborigines, the rights of children, the rights of refugees, women’s rights, the right to healthcare, the right to marry whoever we bloody want to marry! All these rights and more have been threatened or completely taken away by the Liberal government, under that little ball of hate with eyebrows, Johnny Howard.

But you know all that already, so, down to the rock. The album came about when Lindsay McDougall, guitarist with Sydney’s Frenzal Rhomb, realised that every musician he knew felt the same way he did about Howard, and wanted to do something about it. Countless interviews, stage banter and song lyrics screamed for a new government, so Lindsay called on these bands to put their music where their mouth is, and come on board the Rock Against Howard CD. All musicians, artists, everyone donated their work and any profits are going directly to pro-refugee and anti-howard charities

24 tracks in all. Including an exclusive track recorded by Senator Andrew Bartlett and his 80’s supergroup Too Green For Summer! Unseating Howard is so important that even politicians are cranking up the amps against him!

And we’ve even recruited the services of Little Johnny, once known as ‘Pauline Pantsdown’, for an exclusive Howard Hot-air Hack-job. Along with a bunch of rockers, rollers, rappers and revelers who love this country and care about it enough to come together to say ‘NO! We won’t stand by while our home is turned into a Redneck Wonderland’. These musicians are using their place in the Australian consciousness to fight for change, to get those Liberal party scumbags out of Government, and start this country on the road to recovery. To reclaim the once proud belief that our country is the bloody best in the world.

We’ve even roped in some Parliamentary heavyweights to lend their voice. Senator Bob Brown, leader of the Greens, says:

Liberal used to mean generous, fair and looking out for freedom and democracy. Under John Howard and Philip Ruddock it has come to mean mean, nasty and repressive – Voting Liberal means voting for razor wire, chainsaws and greed. That’s why I am a Green. The feeling is good. There’s a better world ahead.

Kerry Nettle of the NSW Greens:

Politics doesn’t have to be boring. The bands on this album are doing their bit to kick out the Howard government. What are you doing?

Hopefully listening to this album will inspire you get out on the street at the next demo or ring up Alan Jones and tell him what you think or get into an argument at the pub about who you are going to vote for. Don’t let this government or any government get away with trashing our planet and stealing from the poor so they can give more money to big business. It is up to people who care to change it. The Greens are doing our bit. Have fun standing up for what you believe in.

Carmen Lawrence, President of the Labor Party and long time human rights defender:

For the last eight years we’ve been subjected to the meanest and most manipulative government ever to hold office in Australia; a government whose stock in trade is the exploitation of fear; a government prepared to harm innocent bystanders to win votes – It’s time to put an end to his regime of fear.

Andrew Bartlett, Leader of the Democrats:

A grossly dishonest government undermines the foundations of democracy
Cricket umpires are always required to give the batter the benefit of the doubt. However, this government has shown such contempt for the public and the Parliament that they have lost the right to the benefit of the doubt on anything. There’s no way they’re going to walk, so it’s time to give them out and show them the way to the pavilion for good measure.

We also scored a coup with Senator Bartlett, we’ve managed to drag up from the depths of Brisbane’s 80’s rock scene a track Andrew with his band ‘Too Green For Summer’. This exclusive alone is worth the price of the album.

And here’s the tracklisting. Some old, some new, some exclusive and unreleased, all of ’em part of the good fight, the fight against the oppressive, repressive Howard government.

H-Block 101 – Reason Why

Front End Loader – Sorry Day

Something For Kate – Best Weapon

The Givegoods – Collar to Colour

David Bridie – Nation

The City Lights – A Big Star

Peabody – A Resurrected Man

78 Saab – Sound of Lies

Bodyjar – Is It A Lie?

Sulo – Wash

The Anyones – Gun him Down

Razel – The Arse Song

The Resin Dogs – Rebel feat. Abstract Rude

Youth Group – Drowned

Frenzal Rhomb – (ooh baby it-s a) White World

TISM – The Phillip Ruddock Blues

The Herd – Honest J

The Drugs – I Was A Teenage Voter

Godnose – At the End of the Day

Unpaid Debt – Call it a Day

Little Johnny (aka-Pauline Pantsdown) – I’m Sorry

Toekeo – John Howard is a Filthy Slut

The Persian Rugs – Half -Wit

Steve Towson – Tonight We Storm the Bastille

Major – Liar

Too Green For Summer – I Don?t Believe It

Twenty odd shit hot Aussie artists, from all over the musical sphere, coming together against the common evil, as usual, the bloody libs. We’re not saying vote Labor, we’re not saying vote Green, we’re not saying vote Democrat or Socialist, just don’t bloody vote Liberal.

Australians let us all rejoice, for we are young and free. Free to raise our collective voice, and give the arse to our little mate Johnny. C’mon, do it for Australia. Your countrymen, countrywomen, and your whole damn country will thank you.

ROCK AGAINST HOWARD – Out July 26th on F’ckAll Records through Shock.