Echolalia Wows The U.S.


Something For Kate’s third studio album, “Echolalia” is wowing the critics across the US. The album was recently released through RED Ink with the single “Monsters” now causing a stir at college and alternative radio.

Something For Kate’s most recent album ‘Echolalia’ is receiving rave reviews after its US release through RED Ink. Singer and guitarist Paul Dempsey toured the states playing acoustic shows in late October/ November 2002, and now the group plan to return and tour their full live set in May this year. Along with the album’s accolades, the single ‘Monsters’ is building at college and alternative radio.

“There are sparks of precedent (Radiohead, Pearl Jam), in the sharp melodic corners and lustrous fuzz…but Dempsey’s vivid exhaustion in “Monsters” – the way he sails and sinks through the chorus – is entirely his own” says Rolling Stone’s, David Fricke.
Clay Steakley from Performing Songwriter says: “If success can still be predicted by the strength of an album, then Something for Kate are destined for stateside stardom any day now. ‘Echolalia’ is some of the most understated and artful alternative rock to come out in quite some time – certainly in the U.S.”

The Miami Herald gave the album three and a half stars saying:
“Paul Dempsey has a unique voice and vision … the kind of heartfelt honesty and literacy that’s lacking in so much rock ‘n’ roll these days. ‘Echolalia’ is a stirring introduction to a performer who could end up being a major rock player.” With the New York Post’s Dan Aquiante echoed the sentiments with: “Wrapped in earnest emotion… the band has a joyful gentleness that has become a rare commodity here in the states.”

Officially Platinum in Australia, “Echolalia” is Something For Kate’s third studio album. The Melbourne three-piece will head back into the studio this month to begin work on their highly anticipated new CD. Make sure to check out the band’s official website at for regular updates and photos from the upcoming recording sessions.