Day Seven


Recording Day #7
First song on the car radio: Middle of the Road by The Pretenders… an omen?
We’ve found a great breakfast place down the road from the studio that has a pretty great huevos rancheros. To find the perfect huevos rancheros could be my life’s aim so i was happy about this. That is really why we came to Texas to make this record*
It has pretty much eclipsed the rest of my day**
Other than that, today we recorded a song called The Kids Will Get the Money. It has some real nasty sounding bass on it…which in a way i find pleasing. But that’s just me.
Paul and John, our Producifer, as he will be known from here on in, have sparked quite the nerd brotherhood. We had to stop recording today so that they could observe the Transit of Venus in the 35 degree heat of the Dallas sun. See for yourself here.

*This may or may not be true.
** This also may or may not be true.