Day One










Day One:
Storms, lightning  and  a balmy, southern 36 degrees.

First song on the car radio this morning: Wild Child by W.A.S.P followed by Pantera… an omen?A little metal  wasn’t a bad thing as we left downtown Dallas for the wider, bleached roads of little Mexico. All still dealing with boring jetlag.The studio is great and very relaxed. There are some good things about making your 6th record. We talked a little about previous records, played a little etc etc. Got a good veggie burger which made a nice change from all the Tex Mex (not that I’m complaining). Took delivery of a rather nice 1971 Mustang bass, a pretty good day all in all. We’ll get to the serious stuff tomorrow. Producer John has a sick cat. I can sympathise. Clint can’t get happy with the coffee… He’s a bit fancy like that.